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800 lbs Quick Latch Hand Truck, Metal Frame

800 lbs Quick Latch Hand Truck, Metal Frame

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This specific model can be used as an upright dolly to move standard boxes or other items! Switch to an incline for top-heavy boxes or small appliances that are not easily balanced (straps may be necessary). As a cart, it is perfect for holding multiple taller boxes. It easily converts into each design and no tools are required.

A simple squeeze is all it takes to convert the hand truck from upright, to inclined and then down to a cart. With one hand, squeeze the two adjustment pins together and go from upright to incline or down to a cart in seconds. Adjust the handle height while in the upright position for taller people or larger boxes.

Its 9.75-inch solid rubber wheels allow you to easily go up and down steps and will never go flat. The 4.75-inch casters make maneuvering easy while being used as a 4-wheel cart or an inclined dolly. The 14 x 7-inch base plate is perfectly sized to lift most boxes without adding extra weight.
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